ApsaraDB for Redis provides multiple data synchronization solutions for you to synchronize data in different scenarios.

Synchronization tools

ApsaraDB for Redis provides two tools for data synchronization: Data Transmission Service (DTS) and redis-shake.

Tool Description
DTS Alibaba Cloud DTS is a real-time data streaming service. The service allows you to migrate, subscribe to, and synchronize data by using stable and secure transmission links. DTS provides an API and a visualized console to enable efficient operations. We recommend that you use DTS for data synchronization. For more information, see What is DTS?.
redis-shake Redis-shake is an open source Linux-based tool developed by Alibaba Cloud. You can use this flexible and efficient tool to parse (decode mode), recover (restore mode), back up (dump mode), and synchronize (sync or rump mode) data on ApsaraDB for Redis instances. If DTS is unavailable, you can use redis-shake to synchronize data.


Scenario Synchronization tool Solution
Synchronize data from an on-premises database to an ApsaraDB for Redis instance DTS
Synchronize data from a user-defined database on an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance to an ApsaraDB for Redis instance DTS
Synchronize data among ApsaraDB for Redis instances DTS
Synchronize data from an on-premises Redis database to a user-defined Redis database that is hosted on an ECS instance DTS