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Copy configuration

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2020

What is copy configuration?

Copy configuration allows you to copy all configurations of a source Global Traffic Manager (GTM) instance, except for the CNAME access domain name, to the current instance. The content to be copied includes the global configuration, access policy, address pool, and health check configuration. The configurations of the current instance will be overwritten.



1. Source instances

Information is copied from a source instance to the destination instance (current instance).

  • Source instance: indicates the instance from which information is copied.
  • Destination instance: indicates the instance to which information is copied.

2. Limits

  • The CNAME access domain name cannot be copied. Therefore, use the CNAME access domain name allocated to the current instance.


1 . Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

2 . In the left-side navigation pane, click Global Traffic Manager. On the Global Traffic Manager page, click the instance in the ID/Name column. The Select Configuration Method dialog box appears.


3 . Two methods are available for initializing GTM configurations.


4 . Select the GTM instance to be copied and click Confirm.


Note: The configurations of the destination instance will be overwritten upon copy and cannot be recovered.

5 . After data is configured, the configurations of the current GTM instance will be initialized or overwritten, and the current instance name changes to Source instance name.Duplicate.