If you want to send SMS messages to mainland China in batches, customize the message content and variables. This topic describes how to customize an SMS message that you want to send to mainland China by using the SMS console.


  1. Log on to the SMS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Go China.
  3. On the SMS Content tab, click New Content.
  4. Create the SMS message content.
    1. Select a content type from the Content Type section.
      Content Type Description
      One-time Password (OTP) OTP applies to app or website registration, secure logon, payment verification, identity verification, password reset, and account binding.
      Notification Notification applies to notifications of orders, payments, logistics information, meetings, government policies, and daily life services.
      Promotional Promotional applies to new product advertising, member care, product promotion, event invitation, and cross-border marketing.
    2. Enter a subject in the Subject field.
    3. Enter a message in the SMS Content text box.
      • You can use variables in the message. The variable format is ${name}. Example: Your verification code is ${code}. The verification code is valid for 5 minutes. We recommend that you keep the verification code strictly confidential.
      • The message content must comply with the SMS Content Compliance Specification. For more information, see SMS Content Compliance Specification.
  5. Click Submit.