You can create a campaign to send Short Message Service (SMS) text messages to regions outside mainland China in batches. This topic describes how to create a campaign in the SMS console. This allows you to send SMS text messages in batches.


  1. Log on to the SMS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Go Globe.
  3. On the Web Sending tab, click Create New Campaign.
  4. Create a campaign.
    1. Enter a name in the Campaign Name field.
    2. Optional. Specify a SenderID.
    3. Enter a message in the Message text box.
      Note You can use variables in the message. The variable format is ${name}. Example: Your verification code is ${code}. The verification code is valid for 5 minutes. We recommend that you keep the verification code strictly confidential.
    4. Add the mobile number of the recipient.
      • Import the recipient number file.
        Note You can use variables in the message. The sequence and number of variables must be the same as those in the file. For example, if the message is "You have activated ${name} on ${date}", the file must contain the values of the two variables in the same sequence, as shown in the following figure.
      • Enter the mobile number of the recipient. In this case, text messages with variables are not supported.

        Click Input Number. Enter one number per line in the text box. Separate multiple numbers with line breaks. You can enter up to 100 numbers.

  5. Optional. Turn on the Schedule Campaign switch.

    Select a time zone, date, and time. Before the scheduled time, you have 5 minutes to cancel the campaign.

  6. Complete the settings.
    • If you turn on the Schedule Campaign switch, click Schedule Campaign.
    • If you turn off the Schedule Campaign switch, click Submit.