General Version of Machine Translation eliminates language barriers in most scenarios and is applicable in diverse sectors. It supports up to 243 translation language pairs.

  • 243 translation language pairs

General Version of Machine Translation supports the mutual translation among 16 languages. The supported languages are Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Polish, and German.

  • It also supports unidirectional translation for the following languages:
Source language Target language
Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese
Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese
Simplified Chinese Cantonese

  • Codes of languages
Language Code
Chinese /Simplified Chinese zh
Traditional Chinese zh-tw
Cantonese yue
English en
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Spanish es
French fr
Portuguese pt
Italian it
Russian ru
Arabic ar
Turkish tr
Thai th
Indonesian id
Vietnamese vi
Malay ms
Hebrew he
Hindi hi
Polish pl
Dutch nl
German de

API code examples

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