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How do I access a Kafka instance from an ECS instance that is not in the same zone

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2021


This article describes how to access a Message Queue for Apache Kafka instance from ECS instances in a different zone.


Non-public network access message Queue for Kafka the following conditions must be met:

  • ECS instance and Kafka instances must be in the same VPC.
    Note: If the ECS instance and the Message Queue for Apache Kafka instance do not belong to the same VPC, re-create or deploy one of them in the same VPC. Before recreating or deploying, be sure to back up the data to prevent data loss.
  • The ECS instance is in the whitelist.
    Note: For more information about how to configure a whitelist for an instance of message queue for Apache Kafka, see configure a whitelist.

Application scope

  • Message Queue for Apache Kafka