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You can still receive alarm information about message accumulation after you delete the Consumer Group

Last Updated: Jul 09, 2021

Problem description

When you use Message Queue for Apache Kafka, you can still receive alerts on message accumulation even after you delete the Consumer Group.


Deleting a Consumer Group is only a logical deletion from the console, and does not actually delete information such as the consumption checkpoint of the server. You may also receive accumulation alerts because the alerts are processed according to the message offset.


After you delete a Consumer Group, you can select any of the following methods if you no longer want to receive alerts on message accumulation.

  • Disable the monitoring of message accumulation. For more information about how to disable alert rules for message accumulation, see monitoring and alerting.
  • Wait for checkpoint expiration. The consumer offsets are stored in an internal Topic and cannot be deleted directly. If the message site is not updated after the message retention period expires, messages that have expired are deleted.
    Description: Message Queue for Apache Kafka instances purchased earlier may not have enabled the clearing mechanism. You must first upgrade the server version to the latest version on the instance details page in the console. For more information about how to upgrade log service, see upgrade instance version.

Application scope

  • Message Queue for Apache Kafka