This topic describes the changes to component ack-virtual-node.

Background information

For more information about deploying ack-virtual-node, see Virtual nodes.

March 12, 2020

Version Image address Description Impact
v1.0.0.2-aliyun registry-vpc. $
  • Supports deploying the virtual-nodes-eci controller on StatefulSets. This allows you to change the number of replicas to create multiple virtual nodes and more pods.
  • The names of virtual nodes now follow the format of virtual-node-eci-$n.
  • Enables pods to access ClusterIP services.
  • Supports pods that are based on spot pricing.
  • Supports mounting disks through CSI.
If your virtual-nodes-eci controller is deployed on a deployment, you need to delete the pods on node virtual-kubelet and install the component again.