You can create a rule to check whether your resources have specified tags.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Config console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Rules.
  3. On the Rules page, click Create Rule.
  4. In the Rules step, select Managed Rule in the Method section, find and select the required-tags rule, select a risk level for the rule, and then click Next.
  5. In the Parameter Settings step, enter the key and value of a tag, and then click Next.

    If you want to check multiple tags, you can set multiple key-value pairs in sequence. You can set up to six key-value pairs. If all specified resources have specified tags, these resources are evaluated to be compliant based on the rule. If you want to check whether a specified tag is attached to specified resources, you must create a rule for each tag by selecting the required-tags rule.

    In this example, assume that the tag "Project=A" must be attached to all of your resources. You can use the required-tags rule to monitor all of your resources. If Cloud Config detects that the tag is not attached to one or more of your resources, these resources are evaluated to be non-compliant.

    Note Default settings are used for the trigger type, related resources, and input parameters.
  6. In the Remediation Settings step, set the Remediation Method parameter to Disable Remediation and click Submit.

    You can associate a remediation template with the rule. For more information, see Configure automatic remediation and Configure manual remediation.

  7. In the Complete step, click View Details or Return to Rule List to view the compliance evaluation results that are returned based on the rule.