If you have configured rules, Cloud Config evaluates your resources according to the rules at regular intervals or when resources change. If a resource is evaluated as non-compliant, Cloud Config will send a notification to you in a timely manner.

The following table describes the parameters for resource non-compliance events.
Parameter Description
"eventName": "NonCompliant" The name of the resource non-compliance event.
"eventType": "ResourceCompliance" The type of the resource non-compliance event.
"annotation" The description of the non-compliant configurations.
riskLevel The risk level of the resource that is not compliant with rules. Valid values:
  • Info
  • Warning
  • Critical
"evaluationResultIdentifier" The core information of the compliance evaluation result, indicating the specific non-compliant resource and the rules with which the resource is not compliant.


    "annotation": "Not encrypt disk.",
    "accountId": 120886317861****,
    "riskLevel": Critical,
    "resultRecordedTimestamp": 1582083811720,
    "eventName": "NonCompliant",
    "evaluationResultIdentifier": {
        "orderingTimestamp": 1582083811463,
        "evaluationResultQualifier": {
            "resourceId": "d-2ze3ex7yeuxoc7wd****",
            "configRuleName": "level3_protection-ecs-disk-encrypted-4765b7",
            "configRuleArn": "acs:config::193238204364****:config-rule/cr-aee2c1481852004765bc",
            "configRuleId": "cr-aee2c1481852004765bc",
            "resourceType": "ACS::ECS::Disk"
    "eventType": "ResourceCompliance",
    "invokingEventMessageType": "ScheduledNotification",
    "configRuleInvokedTimestamp": 1582083811463,
    "notificationCreationTime": 1582172396177,
    "complianceType": "NON_COMPLIANT"