Cloud Config continuously monitors resources and automatically evaluates resource compliance. You can store resource snapshots to an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket. If you want to be informed of resource changes and non-compliance, we recommend that you subscribe to relevant events in Cloud Config.

The following table lists the event types supported by Cloud Config.
Event type Description
Resource change events You can specify the types of resources to be monitored by setting the monitoring scope in Cloud Config. If the resources of the specified types are added or deleted or the resource configurations are changed, Cloud Config will send notifications to you in a timely manner.
Resource non-compliance events If you have configured rules, Cloud Config evaluates your resources according to the rules at regular intervals or when resources change. If a resource is evaluated as non-compliant, Cloud Config will send a notification to you in a timely manner.
Resource snapshot delivery events If you have configured the storage location of resource snapshots, Cloud Config regularly stores configuration snapshots and compliance evaluation snapshots as objects to the specified OSS bucket. You can obtain delivery results in a timely manner after the resource snapshots are delivered.