AnalyticDB for MySQL is a cloud-based warehouse that can process petabytes of highly concurrent data in real time. It is an OLAP database service. AnalyticDB for MySQL uses relational models to store data and provides SQL statements to compute and analyze data flexibly. No prior data modeling is required. Based on the seamless scaling capability of the cloud, AnalyticDB for MySQL can compute tens of billions of or more data records in milliseconds.

AnalyticDB for MySQL offers two billing methods: pay-as-you-go and subscription. You can configure AnalyticDB for MySQL clusters based on your business requirements.

  • You can scale pay-as-you-go clusters at any time.
  • You can scale out subscription clusters at any time, and scale subscription clusters when they are renewed.

This performance test is completed in the basic environments of Alibaba Cloud. The TPC-H results of AnalyticDB for MySQL, MySQL, Presto, Apache Spark, and Apache Impala are compared based on similar or identical hardware configurations and the same data volume.

TPC-H is developed and released by the Transaction Processing Performance (TPC) Council to evaluate query capabilities of databases. The TPC-H benchmark contains 8 tables and defines 22 complex SQL queries. Most of the queries contain JOIN operations on multiple tables, subqueries, and GROUP BY clauses.