Large enterprises or organizations may maintain thousands of resources. If you use application groups to manage these resources, thousands of applications groups are required. Manual maintenance is time-consuming and error-prone. CloudMonitor allows you to attach tags to resources, classify and manage resources based on tags, and automate resource monitoring. Tag-based monitoring helps you reduce monitoring costs.


  • An Alibaba Cloud account is created and passes real-name verification. For more information, see Account registration and Real-name verification.

  • Tags are attached to resources of Alibaba Cloud services based on business needs.

Background information

Note the following limits when you use CloudMonitor to manage resources based on tags:
  • You can only use tags to manage Elastic Compute Service (ECS), ApsaraDB for RDS, and Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances. Network interface controllers (NICs) and disks cannot be tagged.
  • An application group supports a maximum of 3,000 resources for each Alibaba Cloud service. Resources are added to an application group in a random order. If the number of resources reaches the limit, your resources can no longer be added to the application group.
  • You can view the monitoring charts of an application group five minutes after the application group is created
  • The system automatically generates alerts based on alert rules five minutes after an application group is created.

Attach the cloudmonitor-group tag to resources

When you create an Alibaba Cloud resource, attach the cloudmonitor-group tag to the resource if you need to manage the resource in the CloudMonitor console. CloudMonitor automatically creates an application group for this tag. You can view the monitoring charts of the application group and manage the resources.

  1. Attach the cloudmonitor-group tag when you create resources.
  2. View the application group that is automatically created for the tag in the CloudMonitor console.
    Automatically create an application group
    Note For the automatically created application group, the Contact Group parameter is set to Default Contact Group and the Template Name parameter is set to ASF by default. You can modify the parameters based on business needs.

Specify tags in the CloudMonitor console

If you have attached tags other than cloudmonitor-group to Alibaba Cloud resources, you can create application groups in the CloudMonitor console based on the tags. Then, you can manage resources in the application groups based on your needs.

  1. Log on to the CloudMonitor console.
  2. Create an application group based on tags.
    Note After you create the application group, wait 2 minutes and then view the generated application group.
    1. In the left-side navigation pane, select Application Groups.
    2. On the Application Groups page, click Create Group.
    3. In the Create Group right-side pane, set the parameters in the Creation method, Basic Information, MonitorAlarm, Region, Match Rule, and Event Monitor sections.
      When you create an application group, set the following parameters:
      • Creation method: Select Smart tag synchronization creation. The system automatically generates an application group name.
      • Contact Group: Default Contact Group is selected by default. You can specify an alert group based on business needs.
      • Select Template: ASF is selected by default. You can create a template based on business needs.
      • Resource Tag Key and Tag Value: You can specify a tag key and tag values based on business needs.
      • Initialize Agent Installation: If you enable this feature, the system automatically installs the CloudMonitor agent on the servers where resources reside. This feature is enabled by default.
      Create an application group
    4. Click Add.

      On the Application grouping tab, you can select Resource tags from the drop-down list to filter specified resources.

      View resource tags