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How to Create DSW Instance

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2020

Create a DSW instance

Before you start coding, you need to create a DSW instance. Choose the resource and the storage type (5 GB of free Networking Attached Storage (NAS) storage is provided). If you use a RAM user to create a DSW instance, you need to authorize the RAM user. For more information about how to authorize a RAM user, see DSW authorization policy.

1. Select a region

Log on to the Machine Learning Platform for AI console the Machine Learning Platform for AI console , and select DSW-Notebook Service. Choose a region for your service.

2. Create a DSW instance

Click Create Instance. Enter an instance name and choose a resource type.

3. (Optional) Mount a NAS file system to a DSW instance

DSW provides up to 5 GB of free NAS storage. If you need more storage, you can purchase NAS file systems and mount them to DSW instances. Click Storage Resources Configuration, and enter the NAS file system ID. To get the NAS file system ID, click Authorize to redirect to the Resource Access Management (RAM) console, and click Confirm Authorization Policy. For more information about how to mount a NAS file system to a DSW instance, see Instance storage expansion.

Manage a DSW instance

Modify a DSW instance

Stop the DSW instance before you modify it. Click Configuration to modify the instance name and resource type.

Stop a DSW instance

A DSW instance is charged after it starts running. A DSW instance in the Stopped state is not charged. After your DSW instance completes the model training, you can stop the instance to avoid additional charges. Make sure the instance has stopped before you leave the instance page.

Delete a DSW instance

If you no longer need to use a DSW instance to train models, you can delete the instance. The deleted data cannot be recovered.