You can update a stack group to modify its template, parameter settings, administrator role, target roles, fault tolerance, and number of concurrent accounts.


A stack group is created. For more information, see Create a stack group.

Background information

You can update the template and parameter values of a stack group. If you update a stack group template, all associated stacks are updated.


  1. Log on to the ROS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Stack Groups.
  3. In the upper-left corner, select the region where your stack group resides from the drop-down list.
  4. On the Stack Groups page, click Update in the Actions column corresponding to the stack group.
  5. In the Select Template step of the Modify Stack Group wizard, select and configure a template, and then click Next.
    If you select Replace Current Template, the stack group template and all stacks in the stack group are updated. If you need to update only some of the stacks, specify the target accounts and regions in the Set Deployment Options step.
  6. In the Configure Template Parameters step of the Modify Stack Group wizard, set Stack Group Description and Parameters, and then click Next.
  7. In the Configure Stack Group step of the Modify Stack Group wizard, set Admin Role and Execution Role, and then click Next.
  8. In the Set Deployment Options step of the Modify Stack Group wizard, set Accounts, Regions, Maximum Number of Concurrent Accounts, and Fault Tolerance, and then click Next.
    For more information about how to specify Maximum Number of Concurrent Accounts and Fault Tolerance, see Stack group deployment options.
  9. In the Check and Confirm step of the Modify Stack Group wizard, click Confirm.