The performance of MaxCompute tables depends on whether they comply with table design specifications. To measure the performance of MaxCompute tables, we recommend that you establish a performance benchmark before optimizing tables.

When testing the system performance before and after tables are optimized, you need to record the data synchronization time, occupied storage space, and query performance details of each table. If you are using the MaxCompute project resources that are purchased in subscription mode, you also need to record the quantity of purchased resources.
Test item Test value
Data synchronization time -
Occupied storage space -
Query execution time -
Estimated charge for a query -

Record the data synchronization time

Record the occupied storage space

You can run the DESCRIBE command to query the physical storage size of a table or a partition in the table, as shown in the following figure.

Record the query execution time and the estimated charge for a query

If you use DataWorks to query data, you can view the estimated charge on the graphical user interface (GUI) when a node is running or by clicking the icon 估算 .After the node is run, you can view the query execution time in the operational log.