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How can I confirm that the public key certificate address in the message service MNS push request is an Alibaba Cloud official

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2020


This topic describes how to confirm the number of bytes in a push request when you use MNS. x-mns-signing-cert-url the public key certificate address for this parameter is officially issued by Alibaba Cloud.



Currently, the public key certificate of MNS is in the OSS Bucket named "mnstest". The public key certificate address is as follows:

For security reasons, the certificate is replaced regularly and the file name is changed. The certificate must be placed in the Bucket anyway. You can use the endpoint to determine whether a certificate is valid. / OK. If you confirm that you are using the Bucket address, you can guarantee that the push request is sent from MNS.

Note: In the future, it may be considered to move the certificate to other safer places, and an official announcement will be issued at that time.


Application scope

  • Message Service