This topic describes how to modify the specification of a Global Accelerator (GA) instance.

Background information

You can only upgrade the specification of a GA instance. To downgrade a GA instance, you must apply for this feature to be enabled on your account. To enable this feature, submit a ticket.


  1. Log on to the Global Accelerator console.
  2. On the Instances page, find the GA instance and click Upgrade in the Actions column.
  3. On the Upgrade/Downgrade page, set the parameters and select Global Accelerator_Instance Type (Subscription) Terms of Service. Then, click Buy Now and pay for the order.
    GA supports the following types of instance specifications: Small I, Small II, Small III, Medium I, Medium II, and Medium III. The acceleration performance can vary based on the instance specification.
    Instance specification Number of acceleration regions Peak bandwidth Maximum number of concurrent connections
    Small I 1 20 Mbit/s 5,000
    Small II 2 40 Mbit/s 10,000
    Small III 3 60 Mbit/s 15,000
    Medium I 5 100 Mbit/s 25,000
    Medium II 8 160 Mbit/s 40,000
    Medium III 10 200 Mbit/s 50,000