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Last Updated: Aug 17, 2020

After you start an app using SOFARPC, RPC creates the logs directory including the following logs by default.

  • rpc/rpc-registry.log: log concerning subscription and receiving of service address
  • rpc/tr-threadpool: log concerning connection pool(SOFABoot supports this log)
  • rpc/rpc-default.log: log concerning SOFARPC INFO/WARN and no standard format is required
  • rpc/common-error.log: SOFARPC error log & no standard format
  • rpc/rpc-remoting.log: Network layer log & no standard format
  • rpc/sofa-router.log: SOFARouter-related log & no standard format
  • rpc/rpc-remoting-serialization.log: Network serialization log & no standard format
  • tracelog/rpc-client-digest.log: SOFARPC client digest log
  • tracelog/rpc-server-digest.log: SOFARPC server digest log
  • tracelog/rpc-profile.log: SOFARPC performance log
  • confreg/config.client.log: SOFARegistry client log

For more information about the Tracer log, see Log format > SOFARPC log.