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Use SQL statements to query backup sets

Last Updated: May 30, 2020

Database Backup (DBS) allows you to back up data to cloud storage, restore backup sets to target databases, and query cloud backup sets through SQL statements.

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How it works

DBS supports online query of backup data. Integrated with Data Lake Analytics, DBS allows you to use SQL statements to query backup data without restoring the data. Query results are returned to you immediately.


1. Select a backup set

Log on to the DBS console and click Backup Schedules in the left-side navigation pane. On the Backup Schedules page, click a backup schedule to go to the Configure Task page. In the left-side navigation pane, click Full Data. Find the target backup set and click Query Backup Set in the Actions column. 1

2. Execute an SQL statement

Go to the SQL window. The database table schema of the DBS full backup set is automatically created in the object list on the left side. You can enter an SQL statement in the SQL window, and then click Run Synchronously or Run Asynchronously to quickly query the backup set. 2