You can use a query control to query data of one or more charts. On a dashboard, you can create multiple query controls. However, you can pin only one query control to the top.


A dashboard is created.

Create a query control

  1. On the dashboard edit page, click the Query control icon icon.
  2. Click the New filter icon in the middle of the query control or move your pointer over the upper-right corner of the query control and click the New filter icon.New filter
  3. In the Query condition setting dialog box that appears, configure the following parameters:
    1. Query conditions
      Enter a name for the query condition.Query condition name
      • After you enter a name for the query condition and move your pointer to anywhere else, the name immediately takes effect.
      • You can click the Hide icon to hide the query condition. After a query condition is hidden, it is no longer displayed on the dashboard. However, its configuration is retained.
      • You can click the More icon and rename or delete a query condition.
    2. Related charts and fields
      Select the charts and fields to be associated with the query control. You can select Field smart selection. This feature automatically selects associated fields in the charts that are created based on the same dataset as the current chart. If the number of available charts is excessively large, select the check boxes only for the charts that you want to use.Related charts and fields
      Note Fields of different data types, for example, a date field and a numeric field, cannot be associated with the query control at the same time.Error message
    3. Query condition configuration
      Parameters in the Query condition configuration pane vary with the type of the associated field. The following figure shows parameters for a year-granularity time field. For more information, see Query data based on a date field, Query data based on a text field, and Query data based on a numeric field.Query condition configuration

Configure parameters on the Style page

After the query condition is configured, you can set the display style of the query control on the Style page.

  1. In the Basic Settings section, configure Show title, Global pin, Hide query button, and Control type.Basic Settings
  2. In the Control style section, configure Control height, Content typography, and Show field labels.Control style
  3. In the Field style section, specify the value style and filter width for each field. For date and numeric fields, you can specify only the filter width. For text fields, you can also set the value style to drop-down list or tiled.Field style