ApsaraVideo VOD applies to a wide array of scenarios, including but not limited to audio and video websites, short videos, online education, and TV broadcasting and media.

Note This topic describes the four scenarios of ApsaraVideo VOD. For more information about networking and scenarios, visit the ApsaraVideo VOD product page.

Short videos

ApsaraVideo VOD is applicable to scenarios or applications that have short videos as the main line of business, such as e-commerce, maternal care, and social contact. ApsaraVideo VOD allows you to upload, moderate, transcode, process, and deliver videos. It also provides multiple SDKs to implement comprehensive services on short video platforms.

Audio and video websites

ApsaraVideo VOD allows millions of users to stream videos at the same time. It applies to website services that involve video playback and management, for example, news websites and video websites. You can upload, transcode, and deliver videos to these websites for users to watch. You can also obtain custom and extensible audio and video services.

Online education

ApsaraVideo VOD is applicable to education services, such as online training and online education, that require video copyright protection and allow users to play video tutorials on demand. ApsaraVideo VOD provides a console and various API operations for you to upload instructional videos. The excellent transcoding feature of ApsaraVideo VOD ensures smooth video playback. For copyright protection, ApsaraVideo VOD provides solutions such as hotlink protection and video encryption to prevent video content from theft.

TV broadcasting and media

ApsaraVideo VOD also applies to video services, such as TV broadcasting and news media, that require Narrowband HD™ transcoding, online video editing, and security management. You can store, forward, and edit videos in ApsaraVideo VOD, and apply automated review and manual review to help identify illegal content of audio, text, and images in videos, thumbnails, titles, and comments.