Member accounts are containers for resources in a resource directory. These accounts isolate resources and serve as organizational units in the resource directory. You can create member accounts in folders and manage them in a centralized manner.

Background information

For more information about the limits on the number of member accounts, see Limits on resource directories.


  1. Log on to the Resource Management console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Resource Directory > Overview.
  3. In the navigation tree of the Resource Directory page, find the folder in which you want to create a member account and click the folder name.
  4. In the section that appears, click Create Member Account.
  5. On the Create Member Account page, specify Account Name.
    The ID must be unique in the current resource directory.
  6. Specify Member Account Name.
  7. Specify Settlement.
    • Master Account: If you select this option, the enterprise management account of the resource directory is used as the settlement account.
    • Member Accounts: If you select this option, another member account in the resource directory is used as the settlement account. In this case, you must click Select Settlement Account to select a member account.
    • Self-pay: If you select this option, the member account that is being created is used as the settlement account.

    An account that does not have the payment capability cannot be selected. For more information about how to determine whether an account has the payment capability, see Introduction to trusteeship.

  8. Click OK.
    Note Member accounts created in a resource directory inherit the legal entity of the enterprise management account for the resource directory. This indicates that the real-name verification information of member accounts is consistent with that of the enterprise management account.


After member accounts are created in a resource directory, the system manages them in a centralized manner.

  • The system automatically activates the RAM service for member accounts.
  • The system automatically creates a RAM role named ResourceDirectoryAccountAccessRole for each member account and grants the role to the enterprise management account of the resource directory to facilitate centralized management of member accounts.
  • Each member account belongs to only one folder. You can use the enterprise management account to move member accounts between folders in the resource directory based on your business requirements. After a member account is moved from one folder to another, the resources under the member account are also moved to the new folder.