This topic describes the release history of major Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) features and provides the links to the relevant documentation.

Release date Feature Description Documentation
April 2, 2020 Migration process The migration process that is adopted in the ADAM system is redefined. Now three steps are available in the process: evaluate databases, transform the databases, and evaluate and transform applications. Migration process
April 2, 2020 Online database transformation Schemas can be migrated from Oracle databases to various destination databases. During the migration, revision of schemas is supported. The schema migration and revision feature simplifies the procedure to construct destination databases. Online database transformation and migration
January 19, 2020 Database profiling Compatibility analysis of source databases with available destination databases is supported. Schema-level destination database selection is supported. Database profiling
January 3, 2020 Application evaluation The planning and evaluation feature is supported for large-scale migration of Oracle databases and applications. This feature analyzes the associations among databases and applications and the compatibility between source and destination databases. The feature evaluates applications and databases, generates overall transformation solutions, and provides suggestions on the transformation sequence. The feature also analyzes the compatibility of SQL statements in applications and provides corresponding transformation solutions. Application evaluation