Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection (SDDP) can detect seven types of sensitive data. They are sensitive images, sensitive personal information, sensitive enterprise information, sensitive key information, sensitive device information, sensitive location information, and general sensitive information. This topic describes the supported sensitive data in detail.

Type Sub-type
Sensitive images ID card image
Passport image
Sensitive personal information ID card number
Bank card number
Name in Simplified Chinese
Mobile number
Email address
Passport number
Hong Kong and Macao exit-entry permit number
License plate number
Telephone number
Military ID
Hong Kong ID card number
Name in Traditional Chinese
Name in English
Vehicle identification number
Sensitive enterprise information Business license number
Tax registration certificate number
Organization code
Unified social credit code
Sensitive key information Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) certificate
Private key
AccessKey ID
AccessKey secret
Hashed password
Sensitive device information IPv4 address
Media access control (MAC) address
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) connection string
IPv6 address
International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)
Mobile equipment identifier (MEID)
Sensitive location information Province
GPS location
General sensitive information Date