Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) provides a unified method to manage Kubernetes clusters that are deployed across different regions. This topic describes how to enable ARMS for a registered external Kubernetes cluster in the Container Service console.


You have connected to an external Kubernetes cluster through Container Service for Kubernetes. For more information, see Register a cluster.


  1. Log on to the ACK console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Marketplace > App Catalog.
  3. On the Alibaba Cloud Apps tab, click ack-arms-pilot.
  4. Click the Parameters tab to set parameters.
    pilot parm
    Parameter Description
    accessKey Your AccessKey ID.
    accessKeySecret Your AccessKey secret.
    Note If a leased line is deployed between the external cluster and your virtual private cloud (VPC), the leased line is automatically used.
  5. In the Deploy section on the right, set the parameters and click Create.
    • Cluster: Select the cluster where the resource object is to be deployed.
    • Namespace: Select the namespace where the resource object belongs. The default namespace is default. Except for underlying computing resources such as nodes and PVs, most resources are scoped to namespaces.
    • Release Name: The release name of the resource object.

What to do next

Check whether the deployment is successful. For more information, see Install the ARMS agent for Java applications in Container Service for Kubernetes.