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Application Dependency

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2020

You can view the diagram of app dependency relationships in the current working environment on the Application dependency page.

You can view the following information when moving the mouse pointer over the icon of any app:

  • All apps that have dependency relationships with the current app, including the service provider and consumer
  • Number of nodes of the app
  • Number of services that the app provides
  • Number of services that the app consumes

To view dependency details of an app, click the app icon or search for the app name in the search bar.


The following figure shows the dependency details of the app named sofa2-rpc-client: The app dependency diagram on the right shows that sofa2-rpc-client does not provide any service currently. However, as a service consumer, sofa2-rpc-client consumes a total of five services provided by the following three apps:

  • sofa2-rpc-server
  • dtxserver
  • dts-sample-action

The Consumed services tab lists the IDs of the consumed services and the corresponding apps.