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Service Overview and Management

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2020

You can view and manage all available services in the current environment on the Service management page.

Service Overview

On the Service management page, enter the target app or service name in the search box and click the search icon. The search result includes the following information:

  • Service ID
  • Name of the app providing the service
  • Number of service providers
  • Number of service consumers

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Service Details

If you click a service ID in the search result list, the search details page appears, containing the lists of service providers and consumers. You can click the tabs to switch between the lists.

  • The list of service providers contains the IP addresses, port numbers, app names, weights, and status of service providers.
  • The list of service consumers contains the IP addresses and app names of service consumers.Service details-Consumer | left

Service Management

If you click a service ID in the search result list, the service details page appears. On the page, you can perform the following operations on the service:

  • Enable the service.
  • Disable the service.
  • Change the weight.
  • Restore the default settings.

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