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Last Updated: Aug 03, 2020

SOFAStack MS provides common solutions for distributed apps and supports online configuration, management, and monitoring of SOFA apps. After a SOFA app integrates various SOFAStack MS components, you can govern and control services including the RPC, DRM, Throttling, and Circuit Breaker through SOFAStack console.

Local Development

SOFAStack MS is based on SOFARPC for its service publishment and reference. The MS service will be demonstrated through the SOFARPC project and its cloud deployment.

The development procedure is as follows:

  1. Project Creation: Create two SOFABoot projects as service server and client respectively. For more information, see Create a SOFABoot project. You are alse advised to download SOFARPC Demo for your reference.

  2. Business Logic Development: If there is a need to use MS component, please refer to the documents below:

  3. Properties Configuration: This move is unnecessary for local test, but a must for cloud deployment. please guarantee the following keys and values are added to prior to cloud deployment.

    • the unique ID of the app instance in the workspace. You can obtain this ID from Framework > Step 2 > Instance ID.
    • com.antcloud.antvip.endpoint: the AntVIP used by the app to obtain the server address of each component. The AntVIP varies by region. You can obtain the value from Framework > Step 2 > AntVIP.


    • and the AccessKey pair used for identity verification during the access to middleware. You can obtain the values from the RAM console. For more information, see Create an AccessKey pair.

Packaging and Deployment

  • please refer to Compile and Run for packaging.
  • please refer to the following information for cloud deployment.
    • For general procedures, please see buildpacks and application deployment procedure in Buildpacks User Guide.
    • For detailed procedures, please see Quick Start under classic application service.

Note: A SOFAStack experience region in a public network environment will be provided. At that time, you can experience all SOFAStack services locally.

Reference Documentation

For more information about how to use SOFAStack MS modules, please see the following documentation: