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Last Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Transformation of traditional app microservices

SOFAStack MicroServices(MS) is a microservice architecture, which splits traditional financial business systems into modularized, standardized, loosely coupled, pluggable and scalable microservice architecture. It allows shorter launch cycle and earlier market access, which can help users to seize market opportunities, increase customer service efficiency, and reduce operation cost.

  • Easy to develop
    Provides high-performance microservices framework to enable developers to easily build cloud native apps and provide the capabilities to rapidly develop, continuously deliver and deploy apps.

  • Easy to manage
    The microservices framework has service management capability and is easy to use. It can easily manage thousands of service instances and ensure high quality of services.

  • Easy to access
    With fully entrusted SaaS, users are asset-light and free from deployment, O&M, which will effectively reduce input costs.

Quick capacity expansion of highly concurrent businesses

SOFAStack MS can improve the research and development efficiency in developing Internet financial businesses. It enables the businesses to respond more flexibly to business changes, rapidly iterate and innovate in products. It can quickly expand the capacity of hot modules to improve their processing capability so that they can deal with sudden traffic. Meanwhile, it helps improve user experience and provide to many small and micro businesse entities personalized financial products and convenient financial services with low transaction costs.

  • High performance
    Provides an event-driven architecture and a self-developed binary communication protocol that enable developers to easily build low-latency and high-throughput services.

  • High scalability
    Supports infinite scaling out, with no performance or capacity bottleneck. SOFAStack MS has supported distributed app architectures with tens of thousands of nodes in Ant Financial.

  • Visual management
    In the face of explosion in the number of apps and servers in distributed systems, SOFAStack MS provides a visual centralized management platform that is easy to use and requires little learning to get started.

Cross-region availability and multiple data centers

SOFAStack MS allows users to quickly build highly scalable and high-performance financial-level distributed core systems and have elastic capacity expansion and multi-site high availability. In this way, they can realize security, independence and controllability of technologies, break the bottlenecks in business development and reduce the development, operation and maintenance costs. SOFAStack MS makes banks light-weight and helps businesses develop rapidly and innovate continuously.

  • Cross-region availability
    Supports local active-active / multi-site high availability architecture, with remote disaster recovery capability.

  • Elastic volume
    Supports quick capacity expansion of apps, databases, data centers and regions.

  • Independence and controllability
    SOFAStack MS is a derivative product independently developed by Ant Financial based on the business iteration of Alipay. The product has completely independent intellectual property rights, open-source in itself and compatible with open-source ecosystems.