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Last Updated: Aug 17, 2020

High-performance distributed service framework

Provides high-performance and transparent RPC, featured by high scalability and fault-tolerance.

  • Support for multiple protocols, serializations rules, and languages
    Supports Bolt, Dubbo, RESTful, WebService, Protobuf, Hessian and JSON, where Bolt is the default protocol.

  • Service auto-registration and discovery
    Supports service auto-registration and discovery. It implements load balancing in distributed environments without configuring addresses. It also supports multiple routing policies and health checks.

  • Dependency management view
    Provides real-time results of RPC publishing and subscription. Displays the service invocations between different apps and the information about services published and subscribed by apps.

Microservices governance center

Provides a series of service governance policies to ensure high quality of services and to eventually reach the committed SLA (service level agreement).

  • High availability of services
    Supports client throttling, cluster-fault-tolerance (retry), service circuit breaker (error detection and correction), fault injection and service downgrading to ensure high availability of services.

  • Security of services
    Supports using cyclic redundancy check (CRC), invocation encryption and decryption, blacklist, and whitelist to ensure the security of services.

  • Monitoring of services
    Supports event tracking that conforms to Metrics 2.0. Supports monitoring based on multiple dimensions such as success rate, call count, time cost and exception count.

Highly reliable lightweight configuration center

Provides dynamic modification of configuration while apps are running and provides graphical centralized management interface.

  • Immediate implementation of pushed dynamic configurations
    Allows you to push configurations to all IP addresses or specified IP addresses, without restarting apps. It also supports configuration rollback.

  • Client information management
    Allows you to view the client list information, including the values stored in the memory of clients and the values pushed by the server.

  • Push record management
    Allows you to view the push record of dynamic configuration on the console and to import and export large volumes of data by run batch specifications.

Cross-region availability of data centers

Supports active-active strategy in a single city and cross-region availability. It has remote disaster recovery capability to ensure the availability of systems.

  • Support for multi-dimensional system extension
    Supports quick capacity expansions of different levels including app-level, database-level, data center level and region-level.

  • Service discovery and routing by data center
    Supports cross-IDC service discovery and routing by data center.

  • Configuration modification by data center
    Supports dynamic pushing of configuration by data center. Different values can be configured for different data centers according to the business requirements.