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Last Updated: Aug 17, 2020

SOFAStack MicroService(MS) provides infrastructure capabilities of SOFAStack. These capabilities include RPC framework and service governance, service registry and discovery, dynamic configuration, scheduled tasks, and service throttling. It provides stable and reliable infrastructure capabilities for thorough splitting of traditional monolithic app architectures into distributed app architectures. SOFAStack MS helps enterprises quickly build distributed apps based on the microservice architecture. As a result, the enterprises can respond more flexibly to business changes and improve the scalability and performance of the systems.

SOFAStack MS has been supporting distributed app architectures of Ant Group that have tens of thousands of nodes. It has the following core benefits: high availability, high scalability, high performance, high timeliness, high stability and high reliability. It provides various functions to help users simplify the management of distributed systems, so that the developers can focus on the implementation of business logic and improve the R&D efficiency.