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Last Updated: Aug 03, 2020

SOFAStack Microservices (SOFAStack MS) mainly provides popular solutions for distributed apps. When you have developed an app using SOFAStack MS framework and started the app after cloud deployment, SOFAStack MS will be automatically registered to SOFARegistry. You can opertate to manage and govern microservices through the SOFAStack MS console. The services provided by SOFAStack MS include: SOFARegistry, RPC, DRM, Service Governance and App Dependencies.


SOFARegistry is an underlying component of Ant Financial middleware. It is used to store the address information of all service providers and the subscription information of all service consumers. By establishing persistent connections with all service consumers and service providers, SOFARegistry dynamically perceives changes in the published service addresses and correspondingly notifies the consumers of such changes.


SOFAStack MS supports SOFARPC, a highly scalable and fault-tolerant distributed service framework, which provides high-performance, transparent, end-to-end remote procedure call (RPC) solutions for apps. SOFARPC provides a series of stable and practical functions such as service publishing and subscription, service call, service routing, service throttling, service control, and service tracing.


DRM (Distributed Resource Management) allows users to dynamicly change app configuration while apps are running. It provides an easy access to dynamic configuration and a centralized management platform. On the management platform, you can maintain the metadata of dynamic configuration and push the configuration values. You can also view in real time the memory status of client app nodes that are connected to DRM.

Service governance

Users are allowed to access throttling, circuit breaker, and degradation services aimed for business systems, which ensure the business systems will not break down under a sudden surge of requests and therefore enhance the system stability.

App dependencies

SOFAStack MS provides real-time analysis of services that are published and subscribed through RPC. It displays the service calls between different apps and the information about services published and subscribed.