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Introduction to Android access

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2021

Hotpatch function is used to fix online bugs without releasing a new version.

Note: In Android 11, the permission READ_PHONE_STATE needs to be acquired before requesting a hotpatch.

Applicable scenario

Each hotpatch is an emergency release. The hotpatch function applies only when online client issues must be resolved immediately but there is no time for releasing a new version.

According to best practices, emergency release is used to resolve only critical problems with a large impact scope and high reproducibility, including but not limited to the following:

  • Crash with a high probability
  • Critical UI issues
  • Bugs that may cause asset loss or user complaints
  • Unavailability of some client functions
  • Emergency modifications upon regulatory scrutiny


The following models and scenarios are not supported:

  • Dalvik x86 models
  • Samsung 5.0.x models
  • OPPO Android 11 models
  • Models with Level 21 to 23 APIs and with Jit enabled
  • Lemur VMs, and Dalvik models in Art mode

Usage process

The complete procedure for implementing the hotpatch function includes:

  1. Integrate the hotpatch function on a client
  2. Generate a hotpatch package
  3. Release the hotpatch package