You can call this operation to query applications.


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Request headers

This operation only uses common request headers. For more information, see the Common request parameters topic.

Request syntax

POST /pop/v5/app/app_list HTTPS|HTTP

Request parameters

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Code Integer 200

The returned code.

Message String success

The returned message.

RequestId String 5d6fa0bc-cc3**********
ApplicationList Array

The returned list of applications.

AppId String 00ee517d-dd7d-4d4e-****-************
Name String doc-test-consumer
RegionId String cn-beijing:docTes
Description String test
Owner String edas_com***_****@******-*****. ***
InstanceCount Integer 1
RunningInstanceCount Integer 0
Port Integer 8080
UserId String edas_com***_****@******-*****. ***
SlbId String ""
SlbIp String ""
SlbPort Integer 0
ExtSlbId String lb-2zefee36a************
ExtSlbIp String 47.93.***. **
ApplicationType String FatJar
ClusterType Integer 2
ClusterId String c37aec2a-bcca-4ec1-****-************
Dockerize Boolean false
Cpu Integer 0
Memory Integer 0
HealthCheckUrl String ""
BuildPackageId Long 0
CreateTime Long 1570864412478


Sample requests

POST /pop/v5/app/app_list HTTP/1.1
Common request headers

Sample success responses

JSON format

    "Message": "success",
    "Code": 200,
    "ApplicationList": {
        "Application": [
                "ApplicationType": "FatJar",
                "Owner": "edas_com***_****@******-*****. ***",
                "Description": "",
                "RunningInstanceCount": 0,
                "SlbPort": 0,
                "ExtSlbIp": "47.93. ***. **",
                "BuildPackageId": 0,
                "AppId": "00ee517d-dd7d-4d4e-****-************",
                "UserId": "edas_com***_****@******-*****. ***",
                "ExtSlbId": "lb-2zefee36a************",
                "Name": "doc-test-dubbo-consumer",
                "InstanceCount": 1,
                "Memory": 0,
                "Cpu": 0,
                "Port": 8080,
                "ClusterId": "c37aec2a-bcca-4ec1-****-************",
                "Dockerize": false,
                "CreateTime": 1570864412478,
                "RegionId": "cn-beijing:docTest",
                "ClusterType": 2

XML format

        <Owner>edas_com***_****@******-*****. ***</Owner>
        <ExtSlbIp>47.93. ***. **</ExtSlbIp>
        <UserId>edas_com***_****@******-*****. ***</UserId>

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.