Security Center provides the playbook feature that supports automated orchestration. This feature orchestrates repetitive workload logic in responses of security events and generates automated processing policies accordingly. This helps you reinforce system security. After you create a task, the playbook runs the task on the specified assets. This topic describes the policy center, my policy, and task management functions.


The playbook feature is supported by the Enterprise edition only.

Policy center

The Policy Center tab provides the template of Automatic Batch Vulnerability Fixing Policies. This type of policy automatically fixes vulnerabilities on multiple hosts. On this page, you can quickly create policies by using this template. In the Actions column, click Clone to create a new policy and add it to the My Policy tab.Policy center

My policy

The My Policy tab displays information about all automation policies that you have created. The information includes the policy name, policy type, mode, creation time, and last update time. On this tab, you can create tasks under an existing policy. For more information, see Create a task.

My policy

Task management

The Task Management tab displays the information about all tasks that you have created. The information includes the task name, the number of times that a task has been executed, mode, creation time, completion time, and task status. You can view details of tasks that you have created on this tab. For more information, see View task details.Task management