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Overview of TSDB for InfluxDB®️ Editions

Last Updated: May 29, 2020

Time Series Database (TSDB) for InfluxDB® provides two editions of instances: Basic Edition and High-availability Edition. This topic describes the differences between the two editions and how to check the edition of an instance.
For more information about the instance types supported by each edition, see Instance types and prices.

View the product edition

You can choose Instance Details and view the instance edition in the Basic Information section.Edition

Differences between editions

Edition Description Scenarios
Basic Edition Provides single-node instances. - Individual users
- Time series data collection and analysis of small- and medium-sized DevOps monitoring, application metrics, and Internet of things (IoT) sensors
- Software development and testing of small- and medium-sized enterprises
High-availability Edition Provides three-node architecture based on the Raft consensus protocol, which is applicable to more than 80% of scenarios. - Metric collection and business monitoring of large- and medium-sized enterprises
- Monitoring of key connections for IoT, containers, and industrial production