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Last Updated: May 29, 2020

TSDB for InfluxDB® instances have two editions: Basic Edition and High-availability Edition. This topic introduces Basic Edition.
Basic Edition is also known as the single-node edition. In Basic Edition, each TSDB for InfluxDB® instance contains only one node and uses ultra disks to ensure data reliability. This offers a cost-effective solution.

basicNote: In Basic Edition, a TSDB for InfluxDB® instance contains only one node. No secondary nodes are available for hot backups. Therefore, the instance becomes unavailable if the only node breaks down or is running tasks to change configurations, upgrade editions, or perform other operations. If you require high availability for databases, we recommend that you use High-availability Edition.

The following figure compares the topology of Basic Edition and that of High-availability Edition.


  • Internet infrastructure monitoring
  • Container monitoring
  • Monitoring and analysis of business operations
  • Remote real-time monitoring of IoT devices
  • Industrial safety monitoring in the production
  • Production quality assessment and fault backtracking
  1. Does TSDB for InfluxDB® use HTTPS to encrypt data transmission?
    Yes, TSDB for InfluxDB® uses HTTPS to encrypt data transmission.