Check whether your resource has the specified label.

This rule supports the following resource types:

  • ACS::RDS::DBInstance
  • ACS::SLB::LoadBalancer
  • ACS::ECS::Instance

Trigger type: configuration change

Request parameters:

tag1Key (required tag key)

tag1Value (optional value of the required tag)

Solution: If the associated resource does not contain all the specified tags in the rule parameter threshold, the resource assessment result is "non-compliance".

Method 1: add a tag specified in the rule parameter threshold for the associated resources. Config detects your changes within 10 minutes and automatically starts the audit.

Method 2: modify the rule parameter threshold so that the associated resources contain all the tags set by the threshold. Save the settings and click re-audit. Then, refresh the page for verification.

Console operation:

ACS::RDS::DBInstance: log on to the RDS console and select the edit resource tag.


ACS::SLB::LoadBalancer: log on to the server load balancer console and select edit resource tag.


ACS::ECS::Instance: go to the Instance console and select edit resource tag.