The OIDC protocol can be used to pass in parameters for logon after the program has been enabled. This method only applies to applications that can receive and parse OIDC protocol parameters.


  1. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Applications > Add Applications. Find the C/S program and click Add Application in the Actions column.
    Note To implement single sign-on for C/S applications, you must install the IDP-Agent plug-in locally.
    • Application Name: required. Specify a name as needed.
    • Executable File: the name of the executable file for startup.
    • Executable File Path: the path of the C/S application file on the local computer.
  2. Enable and Authorize the application. By default, Authorize Groups by Application is selected.
  3. Log on to the IDaaS console as a common user. For more information, see Logon in User Guide.
  4. Click the C/S application icon on the My Application page.

After the application account has been added, you can click the C/S application icon on the My Application page to perform single sign-on.