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Form Autofill Template User Manual

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This topic describes how to use Form Autofill to implement single sign on for an application.


A company uses Application A as its website with high visits. The traditional access method is simple but poses security risks.

  • Application A is frequently used in daily office work and repeated logons are time-consuming.
  • There are security risks in Application A because verification codes are not used for logon authentication.


The Form Autofill application in IDaaS can be used to implement single sign-on and authentication for Application A.


  1. Log on to the IDaaS console as an IT administrator. For more information, see Logon in Administrator Guide.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Applications > Add Application. Find the Form Autofill application and click Add Application in the Actions column. 1
  3. In the Add Application dialog box that appears, configure the following parameters: 1
    • Form Submit URL: the logon URL of Application A.
    • Username Name Attribute: the username for the logon URL.
    • Password Name Attribute: the password for the logon URL.
    • Request Method: the request method for the logon URL.
    • Account Linking Method: Select Account and Password.
  4. Enable and authorize the application. 1 2
  5. Bind the application account to the user account. The user account is the account used to access the IDaaS console, and the application account is the account for Application A. 1 1
  6. Log on to IDaaS as the common user authorized to access the application and click the icon to log on to Application A in a single sign-on manner. 1

If all the preceding steps are successful, you have logged on to Application A in a single sign-on manner.