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Periodic data migration

Last Updated: Jul 02, 2020

This topic describes how to use the task orchestration feature of Data Management Service (DMS) to migrate data on a regular basis.


After you build a data warehouse, you can migrate data from online business databases to the data warehouse for analysis and processing.
DMS integrates the data migration feature of Data Transmission Service (DTS) that supports data migration between various homogeneous or heterogeneous data sources. For more information, see DTS documentation.


  • If you use an Alibaba Cloud account, you must grant the required permissions to the AliyunDMSDefaultRole role. Generally, this role is authorized if you have used DMS before.
  • If you are a Resource Access Management (RAM) user, you must obtain the required permissions. For more information, see Authorize RAM users to use DTS.
  • In DMS, you have the export permission on the source database and the change permission on the destination database. For more information, see Permission management.


  • Create a task flow.
  • Create and configure a DTS data migration task in the task flow.
  • Enable scheduling for the task flow.

Create a task flow

On the Task orchestration page of the DMS console, click New Task Flow to create a task flow. For more information, see other topics of best practices for DMS.

Create and configure a DTS data migration task in the task flow

On the task orchestration page of the task flow, drag and drop DTS data migration to the canvas.
Create a DTS data migration task

On the Content tab of the task, select the source and destination databases and the source tables, and set the migration rules for the DTS data migration task.
dts content

Set variables as required. For example, you can set variables to migrate data based on the table names or the filters. For more information, see Task.

Enable scheduling for the task flow

Enable scheduling for the task flow and set scheduling parameters as required.