This topic describes the core advantages of Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) to help you make informed decisions.

Alibaba Cloud CDN provides a wide variety of integrated features, advanced technologies, cost-effective pricing, diversified ecosystem, and comprehensive support to boost your business at minimal costs.

Product competitiveness

Optimal performance
  • Alibaba Cloud CDN has the largest number of CDN nodes for content delivery acceleration in mainland China. Alibaba Cloud has deployed more than 2,300 CDN nodes in mainland China and over 500 CDN nodes across regions outside of mainland China. For more information, see Node distribution.
  • The bandwidth capacity of Alibaba Cloud CDN far outweighs that of other similar CDN products in mainland China. The bandwidth capacity of any single CDN node exceeds 40 Gbit/s, and the total bandwidth capacity of all CDN nodes in mainland China is 130 Tbit/s.
  • Excellent key performance metrics ensure optimal user experience. Alibaba Cloud CDN provides a cache hit ratio of over 95%, with response times measured in milliseconds, and over 95% smoothness rate for accelerated video delivery. For more information, see Common performance indicators.

Ease of use

Alibaba Cloud CDN can accelerate content delivery in a variety of scenarios, such as downloads of small and large files, on-demand video and audio streaming, live streaming media, Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN), and Secure Content Delivery Network (SCDN). You can easily customize CDN to fit your needs by using EdgeScript. Alibaba Cloud CDN has been popular for the achievements brought to the customers. For more information, see Case studies for CDN and Alibaba Cloud safeguards AirAsia seasonal promotions.

Technological competitiveness

  • Advanced infrastructure: Linux Virtual Server (LVS) is used for Layer-4 load balancing and Tengine for Layer-7 load balancing. The HTTP caching protocol is written in Swift.
  • Rich API operations: In addition to using the console, you can manage the CDN service by calling specific API operations. We recommend that you use the latest API operations. For more information, see New API Reference.
  • SDKs for multiple languages: SDK guides are available to instruct you to download, install, and use Alibaba Cloud SDKs. For more information, see SDK for Java, SDK for Python, SDK for PHP, SDK for .NET, SDK for C or C++, and SDK for Go.

Pricing competitiveness

The following list shows the competitive pricing of Alibaba Cloud CDN:
  • Flexible billing methods. For more information, see Recommended pricing methods.
  • Resource plans are offered with discounts. For more information, see Resource plans.
  • If you want to use CDN to process a large number of workloads, contact Alibaba Cloud sales services.

Ecological competitiveness

Alibaba Cloud provides an ecosystem of diversified services and products. The following tables list the services and products that you can combine with Alibaba Cloud CDN in different scenarios:
  • You can integrate existing Alibaba Cloud services with Alibaba Cloud CDN to optimize service performance and improve management efficiency.
    Existing service Recommended integration Benefit
    Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Alibaba Cloud CDN If you specify ECS instances as origin servers, you can use CDN to accelerate your websites that are deployed on the ECS instances.
    Object Storage Service (OSS) You can integrate Alibaba Cloud CDN with OSS to accelerate your websites and reduce the Internet traffic fees that are incurred by data retrieval from OSS.
  • Multiple branches of Alibaba Cloud CDN are available to support your special scenarios.
    Scenario Recommended service Benefit
    Accelerate dynamic and static content delivery DCDN DCDN is a branch of Alibaba Cloud CDN that integrates acceleration technology for dynamic and static content. DCDN automatically separates dynamic content from static content and accelerates the delivery of both content types in parallel.
    Integrate security with acceleration SCDN SCDN is a branch of Alibaba Cloud CDN that integrates security protections. SCDN stabilizes the acceleration of content delivery and protects resources against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and HTTP flood attacks.
    Support the bandwidth of more than 10 Gbit/s in specific scenarios, such as video live streaming, on-demand video streaming, and large file downloads. PCDN P2P CDN (PCDN) integrates with PCDN SDKs to achieve the acceleration performance equivalent to or slightly superior to that of CDN. PCDN can also minimize the costs of content delivery.
  • If you have already activated Alibaba Cloud CDN, you can integrate CDN with other relevant services to support your special scenarios.
    Scenario Recommended integration Benefit
    Accelerate on-demand audio and video streaming ApsaraVideo VOD ApsaraVideo VOD (VOD) is an all-in-one solution for on-demand audio and video streaming. VOD supports audio and video uploading, automatic transcoding, media resource management, and delivery acceleration.
    Accelerate live streaming media ApsaraVideo Live ApsaraVideo Live is an audio and video streaming platform based on the next-generation content access and delivery network and large-scale distributed real-time transcoding technology. ApsaraVideo Live provides a low latency live video broadcast service to process concurrent requests and deliver smooth, high-resolution videos.
    Require a domain name to accelerate in CDN Domains Alibaba Cloud Domains is a domain name management platform that provides domain name registration, transaction, monitoring, and protection services. This platform also integrates the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing and Alibaba Cloud DNS services.
    Require an Internet Content Provider (ICP) number that is granted to the domain name to accelerate in CDN Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing ICP filing ensures compliance with Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services and Registration Administration Measures for Non-Commercial Internet Information Services. China mandates an ICP filing system for non-commercial Internet information services and an ICP licensing system for commercial Internet information services. Websites that have not obtained an ICP number or license are prohibited from providing Internet information services. Therefore, all websites must obtain an ICP number before they are permitted to operate in mainland China. The Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system guides you to apply for ICP filing, modify ICP filing information, cancel ICP filing, and claim ICP filing.
    Configure HTTPS connections to all CDN nodes SSL Certificates Service SSL Certificates Service is a digital server certificate service provided by Alibaba Cloud. This service provides digital server certificates issued by certification authorities (CAs) both inside and outside China on the Alibaba Cloud platform. You can obtain free digital certificates or purchase other types of certificates on the Alibaba Cloud platform. You can deploy these certificates in Alibaba Cloud services to convert HTTP-based services to HTTPS-based services at minimum costs. This enables your websites to implement identity verification and data transmission encryption.

Service competitiveness

Alibaba Cloud CDN provides comprehensive service support, including:
  • End-to-end 24/7 monitoring and support systems.
  • Enriched documentation and training systems and open technical exchanges:
  • Responsive troubleshooting systems:
    • Online support: To consult about sales and after-sales issues or give feedback on Alibaba Cloud CDN, you can click Contact Us on the right of the Alibaba Cloud International site.
    • Ticket system: To contact us, you can also submit a ticket.

Easy activation

To activate Alibaba Cloud CDN, perform the following steps:
  1. Create an Alibaba Cloud account and pass real-name verification.
  2. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud CDN console to select the required billing method. For more information, see Recommended billing methods.
  3. Click Activate Now. For more information, see Activate the CDN service.

After you activate the service, you can log on to the CDN console and create an accelerated domain name. Then, Alibaba Cloud CDN team assigns a canonical name (CNAME) address to the accelerated domain name. You must configure a CNAME record to map the accelerated domain name to the CNAME address. After the CNAME record takes effect, Alibaba Cloud CDN can accelerate access to the accelerated domain name. For more information, see Add a domain name for CDN and Configure a CNAME record in Alibaba Cloud DNS.

Recommended billing methods and resource plans

Alibaba Cloud CDN supports multiple billing methods and resource plans that are applicable to different scenarios. The following recommendations allow you to select the optimal billing methods and resource plans.
Scenario Recommended billing method or resource plan
A small part of the bandwidth capacity is consumed by requests for the content from origin servers, but a large amount of network traffic is incurred during acceleration. Pay-by-bandwidth.
A small amount of network traffic is incurred during the acceleration of content delivery for origin servers, but spikes in bandwidth usage occur during certain periods of time. Pay-by-data-transfer.
Note We recommend that you purchase resource plans to minimize the costs. These resource plans apply to multiple accelerated regions and data transfer plans that support the total amount of transferred data ranging from 100 GB to 50 PB to meet your different requirements.
You have enabled HTTPS and the delivery of content from origin servers is accelerated over HTTPS. Resource plans of dynamic and static HTTPS requests. The fees incurred by dynamic and static HTTPS requests are offset based on the priority of the resource plans. If the quotas provided by the resource plans are exceeded, extra fees for dynamic and static HTTPS requests are charged based on the pay-as-you-go billing method.
If a large amount of images are delivered through CDN every day, you can enable adult content recognition to monitor and filter adult content. Adult content recognition resource plans. Multiple adult content recognition resource plans are available. The resources plans support the total number of processed images that range from 500,000 to 500,000,000.
If your monthly fee is higher than CNY 100,000.00, Alibaba Cloud CDN provides you with a monthly 95th percentile bandwidth billing method. For more information, contact Alibaba Cloud customer service.

For more information about the billing methods of Alibaba Cloud CDN, see Pricing of CDN. You can also use the price calculator to estimate your expenses.

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