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Remittance claiming

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2019


Alibaba Cloud provides VA accounts for some users. If you have a VA account, the system will automatically claim the money that you remit to the VA account through a bank to your balance.
However, you need to remit money to a beneficiary Alibaba Cloud account and then claim the money to your balance because you cannot apply for a VA account in the following cases:

  1. You register and contract with (Europe) Limited. In this case, your beneficiary account number is 10703680.
  2. You register and contract with AlibabaCloud (Singapore) Private Limited and select India or Malaysia as the region. In this case, your beneficiary account number is 0863694027.

In either of the preceding two cases, your remittance needs to be manually claimed.


After confirming that your bank remittance has arrived, submit a ticket to ask related staff to claim the remittance.

Documents requiredDocuments required

a. The UID of the Alibaba Cloud account for claiming the remittance. For more information about how to obtain the UID, click here.
b. The image of the remittance certificate issued by the bank. The image must be in the PNG or JPG format and cannot exceed 2 MB in size.