You can use the reader, writer, and conversion plug-ins for various data sources to synchronize data in real time. This topic describes the plug-ins for data sources that support real-time synchronization.

Plug-in type Plug-in name Reference
Reader MySQL Binlog Reader Configure MySQL Binlog Reader
DataHub Reader Configure DataHub Reader
LogHub Reader Configure LogHub Reader
Kafka Reader Configure Kafka Reader
PolarDB Reader Configure PolarDB Reader
Writer MaxCompute Writer Configure MaxCompute Writer
Hologres Writer Configure Hologres Writer
AnalyticDB for MySQL Writer Configure AnalyticDB for MySQL Writer
DataHub Writer Configure DataHub Writer
Kafka Writer Configure Kafka writer
Elasticsearch Writer Configure Elasticsearch Writer
Conversion Data Filtering Configure Data Filtering
String Replace String replacement
  • You cannot run a real-time sync node on the node configuration tab. You must run a real-time sync node in the production environment after you save and commit the node.
  • Real-time sync nodes can be run only on an exclusive resource group for Data Integration. For more information, see DataWorks exclusive resources.