Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) accelerates static resource delivery by loading resources from an origin server to the DCDN node that is closest to the visitor. When the static resources are requested, DCDN retrieves the resources from the cache of the DCDN node instead of retrieving the resources from the origin server. This reduces the resource delivery time.

DCDN supports the following caching features.
Feature Description
Set a cache expiration rule Allows you to configure cache expiration rules for static resources in specified directories or with specified file extensions. Each cache expiration rule defines the time-to-live (TTL) value and the priority of the cached static resources. Based on these cache expiration rules, DCDN caches the specified static resources on DCDN nodes.
Customize an HTTP response header Allows you to customize HTTP response headers.
Customize an error page Allows you to customize an error page for a specific HTTP or HTTPS status code.
Create a rewrite rule Allows you to redirect request URIs to the specified URIs by using 302 redirects.