When Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) receives a request from a client and cannot return the requested resource from the cache of the node nearest to the client, DCDN retrieves the requested resource from the origin. Then, DCDN returns the retrieved resource to the client and also caches the resource to the node. You can configure back-to-origin features based on your needs to improve resource access efficiency.

DCDN supports the following back-to-origin features.
Feature Description
Configure the origin host You can specify the domain type of the origin host for DCDN nodes to retrieve resources from the origin.
Configure the static origin protocol policy You can specify the origin protocol policy to be used by DCDN when DCDN communicates with the origin.
Enable authorization to access private buckets You can enable the access permission on private Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets when OSS buckets are used as origins. This prevents resource hotlinking.
Configure an origin SNI If your origin IP address is bound to multiple domains, you must set a Server Name Indication (SNI) value to ensure that the DCDN node can access the origin server over HTTPS.
Configure range origin fetch This feature reduces the back-to-origin data usage and shortens the resource response time.
Customize an origin HTTP header You can add or remove HTTP headers if you configure DCDN to communicate with the origin over HTTP.