Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) provides the service management module to support the monitoring, statistical analytics, refresh and prefetch, and log analytics features in the console. You can use these features to manage resources that are accelerated by DCDN. These features allow you to effectively analyze the status of DCDN in real time and make business decisions at the earliest opportunity.

Note This topic classifies the features supported in the DCDN console into two categories: domain name management and service management. This allows you to learn and understand DCDN in an easier way.
The following table describes the features of service management.
Feature Reference Description Default setting
Data monitoring View the information about resource usage You can view the information about the resource usage of all the accelerated domain names that belong to the current Alibaba Cloud account. The usage data includes network traffic, bandwidth usage, back-to-origin traffic, the number of requests for static or dynamic content, cache hit ratio, and statistics of HTTP status codes. You can make business decisions by analyzing the data. No
Real-time monitoring You can query the basic data, back-to-origin statistics, and acceleration quality of all accelerated domain names in real time to make business decisions. No
Statistical analysis You can view the statistics of accelerated domain names for the current day and the previous days for offline analytics. This allows you to obtain the up-to-date status information about the DCDN service. No
Log management Download offline logs You can query logs of a specified time range or of a specified domain. You can also download the queried logs. No
Tools Refresh and prefetch The refresh feature allows you to force DCDN nodes to retrieve the latest files from the origin servers. The prefetch feature allows you to load frequently accessed resources to DCDN nodes before peak hours to accelerate content delivery. No
Configure an HTTPS certificate for multiple domain names at a time DCDN supports acceleration based on HTTPS. You can upload a custom certificate or select a certificate from Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service in the DCDN console. The certificate ensures data security during data transmission. No
Websocket Configure WebSocket You can enable WebSocket to minimize the usage of server and bandwidth resources and to facilitate real-time communication. Disabled