Quick BI can work in Development mode or Access mode. When you log in to the Quick BI console, Development mode is used by default. You can change the mode to Access mode to view all the reports that are available to you. Access mode allows the system to provide higher efficiency and better user experience on report access than Development mode. This topic describes the details about the two modes.

  • Access mode: The reports that are available to you are displayed on the Common, Favorites, Shared with Me, and Footprint tabs, and in the Business Navigation section. In the upper-right corner of a tab, you can click More to view all reports on the tab. In the My Applications section, click an application to go to the application module and view data. Access mode
    • On the Footprint tab, you can view the reports that you accessed in the last 30 days.
    • In the Business Navigation section, you can view the top four folders that you most frequently visited.
    Note In Access mode, you cannot configure dashboards.
  • Development mode: Only developers and analysts in the current workspace can edit information for reports in Development mode. Visitors cannot use Development mode. Development mode