The data service feature transfers data from a database to upper-layer applications by using an API. This feature is available only in Quick BI Enterprise Standard.

Follow these steps to configure the data service feature:
  1. On the homepage of Quick BI, click the Open Service tab.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Data Service under Share Center.Data Service
  3. On the Data Service page that appears, click Create API.
  4. In the Configure Basic Information step of the Subscribe API dialog box, configure the following parameters and click Next: API Name, API Workspace, API Dataset, Data Return Type, and API Description.Create API
  5. In the Set API Parameters step of the Subscribe API dialog box, configure request and response parameters, and click Save or Save and Debug.Configure Basic Information
    Note If you click Save, the current settings are saved. If you click Save and Debug, you are redirected to the Debug API page.
  6. Click Save and Debug. On the Debug API page that appears, specify Value After Debugging and select a response parameter.
  7. Click Start Debugging. In the Debug Results section that appears, you can click the Return in JSON and Data Preview tabs to view details.Debug API